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First off, I want to start by directing everyones attention to this short video explaining the details of exactly what is “emotional mugging”, told by Ty Segall himself.

Phew, Im glad we have that cleared up. Now, check out his website… emotionalmugger.com.

So as you probably already know or are figuring out, Ty Segall is imaginative, idiosyncratic and engaging. Along with being a multi-instumentalist and song writer, he also produces a ton music. He appears to revel in collaborating with other artists and uses his mind trip to create such things as VHS tapes and 1-800 hotlines. No seriously, call this hotline number: 1-800-281-2968. He’s latest record was originally released on a VHS cassette featuring the 11 songs from his new album Emotional Mugger that officially came out on January 22. His sound is compared to something of garage punk/psychedelic rock.. but hell, you should just decide for yourself. If he is one thing it is hard to ignore. This will definitely be a notable show.

His latest tour kicked off in California and will be heading to The Danforth Music Hall on March 4th with CFM(Charles Moothart). So if you are totally into grown men wearing baby masks and having your imagination blown away, you know where to be. And I’ll see you there.

Tickets Here!!

Upcoming tour dates:

03-01 Boston, MA – Royale *
03-02-03 Montreal, Québec – Theatre Rialto *
03-04 Toronto, Ontario – Danforth Music Hall *
03-05 Detroit, MI – Majestic Theatre *
03-07 Chicago, IL – Thalia Hall
03-08 Chicago, IL – Thalia Hall *
03-09 Minneapolis, MN – First Avenue and 7th Street Entry
03-10 Omaha, NE – The Waiting Room
03-11 Englewood, CO – Gothic Theatre
03-12 Salt Lake City, UT – Urban Lounge
04-29-05-01 Austin, TX – Levitation (Austin Psych Festival) at Carson Creek

* with CFM

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