“The Corpse of Anna Fritz” Review

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The Corpse of Anna Fritz Review

Writer/Director: Hèctor Hernández Vicens
Starring: Alba Ribas, Cristian Valencia, Bernat Samumell, Albert Carbo

Corpses! They come with a lot of baggage. You just don’t die and rot.  Your body is brought to a morgue where someone has to claim it. Then there’s a certificate of death, maybe an autopsy, legal proceedings for your belongings, a funeral, and someone has to cancel your Netflix account. Even if you’re a John Doe with no one to claim you, most states will arrange a small funeral. Now, if you’re a massive celebrity that died in your prime, your body is going to accumulate even more baggage. Your pristine celebrity corpse is especially vulnerable when it’s surrounded by horny twenty-something assholes.

“The Corpse of Anna Fritz” is the uncomfortable thriller about the death of Spanish celebrity, Anna Fritz.  As the country mourns the tragedy, her body is watched over by hospital intern, Pau (Albert Carbó).  He’s a hard working yet impressionable young man that seems to enjoy the solitude of the morgue. Then two of his friends show up to invite him to a party. There’s the testosterone fuelled and womanizing Iván (Cristian Valencia) and the more rational but still testosterone fuelled and less womanizing Javi (Bernat Saumell). After a few shots and a couple of lines of coke, Ivan shows Javi and Ivan “The Corpse of Anna Fritz.”

The Corpse of Anna Fritz Review

2 Possible Spoiler-y Paragraphs

Things escalate pretty quickly once the three get a look at Anna Fritz’s body. After some breast fondling, Ivan immediately ups the ante to sex. Apparently, Pau has had sex with a dead body before so he’s on board while Javi is leaning more toward “no, what the fuck is wrong with you?” Anyway, seeing how much fun Ivan had, Pau decides to join in on the corpse desecration. Little does he know, his perceived innocent romp into necrophilia is full blown rape. Anna Fritz awakens mid rape and the three must now decide what to do with, the once believed dead, Anna Fritz (Alba Ribas).

If you think the last paragraph was too much of a spoiler, apologies, but that was also the first act. The trailer pretty much ends with Anna’s eyes opening and I don’t think it gives too much away. The drama in this movie is in what happens next.  What once was a moral debate with some potentially embarrassing consequences now has nothing but severe consequences.  This is where moral boundaries start to dissolve and the thrills start to bubble.

End of Possible Spoiler-y Paragraphs

This movie could be a stage play. The majority of the action takes place in one location  (the morgue) with occasional visits to the hallway and alleyway and the entirety of the cast is pretty much four people. It’s a rather thin story, but the performances, photography, and script are strong enough to carry the film. There is a fair amount of retreading that inhibits some of the movie’s enjoyment, but the story as a whole is worthwhile.

The Corpse of Anna Fritz Review

I’m not sure if this is totally accurate, but according to its SXSW’s running time “The Coprse of Anna Fritz” was 100 minutes while what I saw is about 75 minutes.  Looking back, there are some leaps in character motivations that didn’t quite seem organic. But here’s the deal, this may have been better as a 40 minute short. With such a bare-bones plot, some scenes felt redundant. Also looking back, this is a contradictory paragraph.

All in all, “The Corpse of Anna Fritz” is a wondrously uncomfortable thriller. It’s a pretty impressive feat to make a movie revolving around necrophillia but contain some integrity. The movie is as disturbing as it needs to be, but never wanders into filth for the sake of filth.

  • I’m sick. It sucks.
  • Podcast review coming soon.
  • This movie is exclusively on FlixFling and their streaming lineup ain’t too shabby.

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