“He Never Died” Wrapped

jason December 11, 2013 0
“He Never Died” Wrapped

Well, that was a hoot.


Filmmaking is the ultimate collaborative art form. It’s a diverse group of artists working toward one 90 minute goal. In hindsight, it’s an absolutely ludicrous endeavor. So much can go wrong. There are so many unchecked variables and disaster seems to be the only logical outcome . But, if that is truly the case, then filmmaking is also an endless well of potential. Even though the odds favor failure, there is the opportunity to defy wonderment and exceed the possible. I like to believe that the latter happened during “He Never Died.”

No matter the result, the experience alone was worth it’s production. Everyone worked to their fullest, but more importantly they worked with each other. I would like to thank the entire crew for their dedication and enthusiasm. I’m just a director. I mediate the artists and their potential. Ultimately, I just steal good ideas and blame others for their poor ones. You were beyond stupendous. There are no words to express my gratitude, but I’ll try. Thank you, I’m a better person for knowing you.

-Jason Krawczyk

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