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  • Deathgasam

I wish I could get a lobotomy so I could watch “Deathgasam” again for the first time. It’s not that it’s an utterly shocking experience, but it culminates everything I enjoy. Everything!  “Deathgasam” is the gory heavy-metal horror comedy about friendship. Along with that ridiculous description, it’s also incredibly well produced.  The comedic is razor sharp, the practical effects are wonderfully brutal, and there’s some clever photography.  There may be a narrow spectrum for “Deathgasam’s” audience, but if it hits you right, it hits you hard.

Deathgasam best of 2015

  • Hidden

“Hidden” was a movie that was just kind of…ugh…hidden.  I watched it on a whim because my girlfriend and I watched everything else on the iTunes horror page.  I check movie news daily. How could I miss a Warner Brothers horror movie starring Aleksander Skarsgard?  But here’s the kicker, it’s a genuinely well made movie. There might be a tad too much prepubescent screaming and it may feel like an extended episode of “The Twilight Zone,” but who gives a shit. I like “The Twilight Zone.”

hidden best of 2015

  • The Invitation

What “The Invitation” does right is not rely on death as its impetus for horror. Watching “The Invitation” strikes you down with a creeping sense of paranoia. That coupled with scene after scene of awkward character interactions and you’re an anxiety riddled mess by the last twenty minutes.  Having an intentional dragging pace is a great move if it’s a means to an end. Patience is not a lot of horror movie’s strong suites, but “The Invitation” thrives in its subtly.

the invitation best of 2015

  • Bone Tomahawk

The more time that goes by the more I appreciate “Bone Tomahawk.” I’m not sure it’s because of its quality or sheer audacity to existence, but it left an impression. Its combination of wit, gore, and performance is unlike anything I’ve seen before.  “Bone Tomahawk” deserves some attention not just for its uniqueness, but for remaining entertaining throughout. Sometimes, innovation can come off as dull.  That wasn’t the case.  It’s also, by far, the most gruesome movie I’ve seen this year.

bone tomahawk best of 2015

  • Turbo Kid

“Turbo Kid” is a treat. One thing it does so incredibly right is keeping its narrative character driven. The quality of a movie’s blood splatter and wacky hijinks does not always equal an entertaining experience.  The bedrock of this gore-filled-explosion of 80’s nostalgia is the plight of its two star crossed lovers. If a movie can have you consistently giggle, it’s at least 3 stars.

turbo kid best of 2015


  • Bloodsucking Bastards

There’s something wondrously appealing about battling office monotony.  The deadpan humour, the unlikely commrodary, and the rebellion to authority all strike a pleasant cord with me. “Bloodsucking Bastards” does all of that and adds the charm of vampires.  With a quick witted cast and copious amounts of blood, “Bloodsucking Bastards” is just plain fun.

bloodsucking bastards best of 2015

  • What We Do In The Shadows

“What We Do In The Shadows” is way better than it has any right to be as it turns out to be one of my favorite movies of the year.  It’s a shockingly sweet yet bloody mocumentary about a group of vampires living under one roof.  I’m not sure what’s in New Zealand’s water, but they make some stupendous horror comedies.  My only complaint is that I wanted more…but then it ended.

what we do in the shadows best of 2015

  • The Gift

This one is a bit of a stretch to be on this list as it stars some heavy hitters and had a modest budget by studio standards. Even with its studio privilege, “The Gift” is a solid thriller deserving of some attention.  I just don’t see many movies like this anymore.  As the directorial debut of Joel Edgerton, I hope he stays in this genre for at least one more effort.

the gift best of 2015

  • It Follows

The little movie that could. It’s like 2015’s “Babadook.” When it premiered at Sundance, the hype surrounding it was almost unfair.  It couldn’t be that remarkable, right? Luckily, it’s really damn good. Substituting a creeping fear for shocking or bloody terror, “It Follows” alienates our fear of sexual transmitted diseases.  It also does something I wish more movies did. It didn’t explain a god damn thing.

it follows best of 2015

  • The Nightmare

“The Nightmare” is a highly stylized documentary visualizing the horrors of sleep paralysis. It’s not so much an informative endeavor, but the idea that people actually experience these nightmares can make you afraid of your bed. And what’s up with silhouettes in hats?

the nightmare best of 2015

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