“Ballad of a Two-Armed Man”

jason October 7, 2014 0
“Ballad of a Two-Armed Man”

A short film about the courageous struggle of a man with a horrific medical anomaly by POYKPAC alum Jonny Gillette (Hideous Conquest of the Egg Man, Veroniqué, Jants!)

Directed, Filmed, and Edited by Jonny Gillette
Produced and Written by Jonny Gillette and Brett Yates

Brett Yates as the two-armed man
Jane McLelland as Carly Langood
Timothy E. Locklear as Carl Langood
Melvyn Brown as Dr. Melvin Frost
Brent Wilson as Professor Ted Brogan
Morgan Carson as Tracy Donald
Jonny Gillette as Tony Cardello
Drew Robertson as Commanding Lieutenant Reginald Carr
Emi Inoue, Anais Inoue, Thomas Nettesheim as The TWARMY
Frank Eaton as Lloyd Shamley
Danny Vaughn as Steve Cornwind
Trent Bowles as Runner Pockets
Jeramy Lowe as Turbo Schakainne
Clarie Hester as Taynya Goodykoontz
Shannon Palmer as Carl Shannons
& Jason Walencik and Turner Brandon as The Studs.

Painting by Sherry Di Filippo
Photoshoppages by Danny Vaughn and Drew Robertson

COPYRIGHT 2014 Hey, OK! Pictures

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